S.NO Name of FDP/Training Programme Date/Period Resource Persons Total No. Benifited
Internal External Total
Outcome Sponsoring Authority
1 Salesforce Essentials For Business Specialists 05-08-2019 to 09-08-2019 Mr.K.Kranthi Kumar, Senior Technical Trainer, ICT-Academy.
16 03 19
Through the interactive lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises, Faculty learn to recognize the important elements of the implementation lifecycle, the key considerations to drive user adoption, and the important components of ongoing management of your Salesforce environment. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
2 Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning with Python 06-05-2019 to 25-05-2019 AI,ML Developers, SmartBridge Educational Services, Pvt.Limited.
08 0 08
1.Basics of Artificial Intelligence. 2.Difference between machine learning and deep learning. 3. Classification algorithms:-Naive Bayes, SVM, Random Forest. 4.Frameworks for constructing Neural Networks. 5.Tensorflow,MLAddict 6.WynPython and Jupiter Notebook 7.Recurrent Neural Network 8.GMM and DNN 9.Speach and Speaker Recognition. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
3 Python Programming by APSSDC 13-05-2019 to 24-05-2019 APSSDC Team Members 1.Mr.B.Ayyappa 2.Mandalapu Sai Teja 3.Mallipudi Prasanna Raj 4.M.Naga Satyanarayana
02 00 02
At the end of the course faculty able to learn: 1. Introduction to Python Programming. 2. Python Data structures. 3.Introduction to Data Science in python 4. Applied Data Science in python. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
4 Amazon Cloud Services by APSSDC 06-05-2019 to 11-05-2019 APSSDC MEMBERS 1. Bethala Sumana 2. Bondalapati Krishna Priya 3. D. Hanusha 4.V Rupesh Kumar 5. Ramadeep.R 6. Shaik Mahaboob Basha
01 00 01
At the end of the workshop faculty able to learn: 1. Introduction to Cloud Computing. 2. Introduction to AWS. 3. Storage and content delivery 4. Compute Services and Networking 5. AWS managed services and Databases 6. Deployment and management Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
5 Machine Learning and Deep Learning 01-05-2019 to 07-05-2019 1.Dr.Sunil Kumar Vuppula, Principal Scientist, Phillips Research, Banglore. 2.Dr.Anil Kumar Vuppala, Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad.
54 0 54
The workshop covers concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Major emphasis is done on how neural networks are playing important role in industry. The workshop mainly focussed on deep learning applications. Machine learning algorithms almost always require structured data, whereas deep learning networks rely on layers of the ANN (artificial neural networks). Machine learning algorithms are built to “learn” to do things by understanding labeled data, then use it to produce further outp Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
6 Internet of Things with IBM Watson 26-11-2018 to 1-12-2018 1.Mr.Amarender Katkam 2.Mr.Surya Tej , IoT Engineer, 3. Mr.K. Akshay Kumar, Embedded Hardware Engineer. 4. Mr.G Nikhil, IoT Engineer.
18 00 18
To gain insights into IoT Platform, accessing/ controlling IoT Devices using IBM Watson. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
7 Two-Week FDP on Soft Computing Techniques and its Applications 27-01-2020 to 08-02-2020 1.Dr. Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Professor & Dean (Research), KIIT, Bhubaneswar. 2.Mr.Suryatej mahankali & team, Smart Bridge Educational Systems pvt ltd., Hyderabad. 3.Mr.Ramana Murthy Saripalli, Senior Vice President, CodeTantra Tech Solutions, Hyderabad. 4.Dr. K. V. Kadambari, Assistant Professor, NIT, Warangal. 5.Dr.G.Kiran Kumar, Assistant Professor, NIT, Tadepalligudem.
8 41 49
After completion of the FDP the participants will be able to: 1. Apply soft computing techniques to solve real world problems. 2. Implement genetic algorithms and their applications in optimization and planning. 3. Solve different problems related to pattern recognition,image processing and face recognition. 4. Develop neural networks and fuzzy systems to solve practicle problems. 5. Analyze various animal behaviour using optimal swarm intelligence. AICTE
8 Curriculum Design 22-01-2018 Dr.D.V.L.N Somayajulu Professor, Department of CSE, NIT-Warangal.
50 0 50
At the end of the workshop faculty able to learn: 1. Designing the Curriculum. 2. Design the Course Objectives, Course Outcomes and generating graphs for them. 3. How to develop the teaching skills and lecturing the online notes using pedagogy. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
9 Internet Architecture and its recent trends 27-12-2017 Mr.Rakesh Varudu, Software Engineer, Grade-8, CISCO Systems, Banglore
50 00 50
In this workshop, faculty able to learn 1.Basic concepts of Networking. 2.How routing protocols work. 3.What does Google use . 4.How does Arp work. 5.How does ping work. 6.How does trace route work. 7.Some Linux networking tools. 8.Legacy Networks vs. Software Defined Networking. 9.Access the content on Facebook, Google, Netflix and other internet giants. 10.Networking Lab on SDN: Some basic hands-on on controller to software switch communication. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
10 FDP on Internet of Things 27-11-2015 to 28-11-2015 Mr.K.Amarendra & Team CEO,VSES India PVT LTD, Hyderabad
60 07 67
1.The practical aspects of technology in industry and organization at large. 2.This FDP will be able to get awareness about the latest concepts and to train students in academics to meet the standards of industry. Gudlavalleru Engineering College
11 Workshop on Windows Azure 21-03-2016 to 22-03-2016 Mr.AbdulRasheed, Mr.FerozKhan, Developers, MIC
99 0 99
At the end of the workshop Faculty and Students will able to 1.Azure Virtual Machine 2.Azure-Website and Web Hosting 3.Data Storage 4.Networking Fundamentals 5.IOT Scenarios 4.Web Apps 5.Mobile Apps Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
12 FDP on Datascience and Bigdata Analytics 12-09-2019 to 15-09-2019 Mr. J. AVINASH , Trainer from ICT ACADEMY
02 0 02
1. Gain knowledge on R software. 2. Understand data mining algorithms for analyzing big data. 3. Get acquainted with Rstudio. Gudlavalleru Engineering College & ICT Academy
13 Workshop on How to Write a Good Research Paper 23-11-2018 to 23-11-2018 Dr.B.Janakiramaiah, Professor of CSE, P.V.P.SIT, Vijayawada.
54 0 54
At the end of the workshop Faculty able to: 1.Write a research paper. 2. Important publications. 3.Various tools for writing research papers. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
14 Training Program on Data Science and Big Data Analytics 7-05-2018 to 11-05-2018 & 21-05-2018 to 25-05-2018 ICT Academy,Dell EMC Members
08 0 08
At the end of the training programme Faculty able to learn: 1. Deploying the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address big data analytics project. 2. Reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge. 3. Applying appropriate analytic techniques and tools to analyze big data, create statistical models, and identify insights that can lead to actionable results. 4. Selecting appropriate data visualizations to clearly communicate analytic insights to business sponsors and analytic audiences Using Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
15 Training Program on Cloud infrastructure and services 7-05-2018 to 11-05-2018 & 21-05-2018 to 25-05-2018 ICT Academy,Dell EMC Members
08 0 08
The course covers technologies required to build classic (traditional. virtualized, and cloud data center environments. These technologies include compute, storage, networking, desktop and application virtualization. Additional areas of focus are backup/recovery, business continuity, security, and management. Students will learn about the key considerations and steps involved in transitioning from the current state of a data center to a cloud computing environment. Upon completing this course, s Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
16 FDP on Soft Computing Techniques 21-06-2017 to 22-06-2017 Dr.Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Professor and Head, Department of CSE, PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Kanuru, Vijayawada
70 0 70
The FDP Covers 0. Introduction to Soft Computing 1. Techniques involved in Soft Computing 2. Fundamentals of Neural Networks 3. Concept of Associative Memory 4. Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
17 Workshop on Curriculum Design 06-08-2016 to 06-08-2016 1.Dr.O.G.Kakde, Director, VJTI, Bombay. 2.Dr.D.V.L.N.Somayajulu, Professor, DepartmentofCSE, NITWarangal. 3.Mr.VobugariSreeKumar, Principal-Enr, Infosys, Mysore. 4.Mr.B.VenkataPraveen SoftwareEngineer, Microsoft, Hyderabad. 5.Dr.Y.K.SundaraKrishna, Principal, DepartmentofCSE, KrishnaUniversity, Machilipatnam.
11 0 11
1.Course Content 2.Course Structure 3.Latest Technologies Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
18 FDP on Bigdata Analytics 14-11-2016 to 19-11-2016 Mr.Veer Anjaneya Raju Naga Raju, Hadoop Consultant & Coach, Big Data Minds.
75 0 75
Online and cooperate trainings on both Hadoop development and hadoop administration. Gudlavalleru Engineering College.
19 Faculty Development Programme 09-13 June 2020 Mr. T. Ram Kumar, Senior Lead (Blockchain Technology), Innovation Labs, Hyderabad.
20 40 60
Explain the basic concepts of Blockchain technology. Discuss various tools in Blockchain. Design Blockchain based Cryptosystems. Gudlavalleru Engineering College
20 Faculty Development Programme 22-26 July 2020 Mrs. Hima Bindu Vejella, Mr. V. Vamshi Srinivas
80 250 330
This workshop is intended to provide deep dive on cyber security terminologies and concepts. It addresses about the career opportunities in the area of cyber security. Gudlavalleru Engineering College