S.NO Professional Societies /Chapters/Department Association Name of the event organized Date/Period Target audience Resource Persons No.Benefited Outcome
1 test test 10-08-2018 test test test
2 CSI Distributed Data Mining Design and Applications in Today’s Information Era 28-12-2016 III and IV Students Ms. Aruna G, Dept of CS & IS, BITS, Pilani 180

Importance of DataMining concepts in real time scenarios.

3 APSSDC PYTHON PROGRAMMING (PHASE-I) 19-12-2017 to 21-12-2017 II Year Students APSSDC 163

Problem solving and programming capability.

4 testing testing 14-09-2018 testing testing
5 27-09-2018
6 28-09-2018
7 22-01-2019
8 22-01-2019
9 29-01-2019
10 12-03-2019
11 12-03-2019
12 06-03-2019
13 06-03-2019
14 06-03-2019
15 19-03-2019
16 CSE Department Internet Architecture and Its Recent Trends 28-12-2017 III B.Tech CSE RAKESH V, S/W. Engineer, Cisco Systems, Bangalore 41
17 03-02-2017
18 23-02-2017
19 GEC Introduction to Python Programming 01-10-2016 III Year Students 100

Basic conpets of Python Programming.

20 COMITY Linux Administration 24-12-2016 III Year Students - 80

Learn about Linux Administration.

21 14-12-2016
22 24-11-2016
23 CSE Internet of Things 23-09-2016 &24-09-2016 III Year Students Mr. Ahmed Nazeer A, Business Manager, Smartbridge Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. 100

Hands on Experience of Project Development using IoT

24 CSI & COMITY Paper Contest on Computer Science and Applications in COMIFEST2K16. 15-09-2016 GEC Students - 30

It improves academic presentation skills.

25 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Windows Azure 9th -10th September 2016 III B.Tech CSE IV B.Tech Students, CSE 53

1. Learn optimization using Azure tools and solutions.
2. Learn various design patterns to construct IT solutions on Azure.

26 07-09-2016
27 31-08-2016
28 27-07-2016
29 29-02-2016
30 04-03-2016
31 02-03-2016
32 01-03-2016
33 00-00-2016
34 22-01-2016
35 05-01-2016
36 19-01-2016
37 24-07-2019 to 25-07-2019
38 A.P.S.S.D.C Python Programming 13th May 2019-24th May 2019 II B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Mentors 52
39 Workshop on "Amazon web services" 6th May 2019- 11th May 2019 III B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Mentors 87
40 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with Python 5th May 2019- 25th May 2019 IV B.Tech CSE 250
41 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Full Stack Web Developer Nano Degree Program 28th December 2018- 31st March 2019 III B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Mentors P. Sai sree B. Ayyappa Junior software trainee 25
42 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Engineering Orientation Program 10th -15th December 2018 & 17th -22nd December 2018 I & II B.Tech CSE Trainees from APSSDC 501
43 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Full Stack Development 24th -26th September 2018 III & IV B.Tech CSE Trainees from APSSDC Prasanna Raj & Avinash 50
44 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Front End Foundations 11th & 12th September 2018 II B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees P. Vinod, Baley. Sravanthi APSSDC Mentors 48
45 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Ethical Hacking 7th August 2018 III B.Tech CSE Konakanchi Venkata Suresh Babu IV B.Tech Student 44
46 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Python Workshop for Everybody 14th -19th May 2018 & 2nd-7th July 2018 II,III,IV B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees 43
47 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Cloud Architect 12th-13th May 2018& 26th -27th May 2018 III B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees 196
48 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Data Science and Big Data Analytics 7th -11th May 2018& 21st -25th May 2018 III B.Tech CSE Dell EMC Trainees 210
49 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Cloud Infrastructure and Services 7th -11th May 2018& 21st -25th May 2018 III B.Tech CSE Dell EMC Trainees 221
50 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Amazon Web Services 17th -19th March 2018 III B.Tech CSE &ECE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees 70
51 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Web Apps 2nd- 4th March 2018. III B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees 44
52 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Internet Architecture and its Recent Trends 30th December 2017 III B.Tech CSE Rakesh Varudu, Software Engineer in CISCO systems 41
53 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Python and Advanced Python Programming 19th -21st December 2017 and 27th -29th January 2018 III B.Tech CSE A.P.S.S.D.C Trainees 318
54 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Mobile Application Development 16th -19th October 2017 II B.Tech CSE Ms. Ramya Deyyala Ms. Indira Sumala MIT Trainer, A.P.S.S.D.C. 95
55 Gudlavalleru Engineering College SPSS Modeler 23rd March 2017 III B.Tech CSE S.Bhagath V. Renuka devi Shaik Adhil U Sai priyanka 51

1. Describe different data processing technique.
2. Extract association rules from transactional databases.

56 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Windows APP Development 20th -21st March 2017 II B.Tech CSE V.Chadramouli, Syed Rizvan 93

1. Windows 10 application development.
2. Updates of the new OS released by Microsoft.

57 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Cyber Security 16th -18th March 2017 III & IV B.Tech CSE Mr. Sai Satish Founder and CEO Indian Servers, Hyderabad 92

1. Implement concepts related to cyber security.
2. Develop projects using Cyber Security.

58 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Linux Administration 24th Dec 2016 III B.Tech CSE Mr. Durga Prasad P.V.N.N., Assistant Professor of CSE Department, Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Gudlavalleru 78

1. Manage the resources and security of a computer running Linux at a basic level.
2. Make effective use of Unix utilities, and scripting languages.

59 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Introduction to Python Programming 1st October 2016 III B.Tech CSE Mr. M.N. Satish Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Gudlavalleru 49

1. Develop applications using functions and modules.
2. Implements OOP concepts using Python Programming.

60 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Internet Of Things 23rd -24th September 2016 II, III, & IV B.Tech CSE Mr. Ahmed Nazeer A, Business Manager, SES India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. 118

1. Implement concepts related to Internet of Things.
2. Develop projects using Internet ofThings

61 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Hybrid Mobile Application Development 22nd -23rd July 2016 II, III, & IV B.Tech CSE P.Srinivasulu ,CEO &Founder EME focus Software Solutions LLP, Banglore 132

1. Understand mobile application      development and deployment process.
2. Understand jQuery and jQuery Mobile architecture.

62 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Corporate Excellence’ 13th August 2019 III B.Tech CSE Ramana Kumar S, LLM(Corp Law), MA(Psy) Corporate Trainer, Certified Soft Skills Trainer & Life Coach 252
63 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Cloud Computing 30th March 2019 II B.Tech & III B.Tech Mr. Siva Satya Kumar Ammula Principal Software engineer-lead, Cubic Transportation Systems, Hyderabad 513
64 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Career Guidance and Latest Trends and Technologies in IT Industry 26th December 2018 III B.Tech CSE V.Sunil kumar Principal Scientist in Philips Reaerch India, Bangalore 200
65 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Digital Customer Experience 15th September 2018 III B.Tech CSE Chandrappa Shekarappa - Associate Director - Digital CX Lead at Cognizant. 270
66 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Machine Learning & Deep Learning 30th July 2018 IV B.Tech CSE Dr. Vuppala Sunil Kumar, Principal Scientist in Philips Reaerch India, Bangalore 70
67 Gudlavalleru Engineering College A Glimpse on IT Career Delivered 4th April 2018 III & IV B.Tech CSE Mr.U.Srikanth, CEO of Start-Up Company 458
68 Gudlavalleru Engineering College 4th Revolution New Opportunities for Fresh Graduates and How to Improve the Employability Skills 20th September 2017 III B.Tech CSE Mr.M. Yogeswara Rao C.E.O, Cognolabs systems Pvt.Ltd Hyderabad 240
69 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Role of Automation and Analytics in IT Industry 1st April 2017 II & III B.Tech Mr. V. Sunil Kumar Principal Scientist- A Research , Philips, Banglore 300
70 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Software Testing Tools 25th March 2017 III & IV B.Tech CSE P.Siva Balaji Technical head Infosys, Hyderabad 87
71 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Block-Chain Technology 25th March 2017 III & IV B.Tech CSE K.V. Sharma, Senior Vice president-Global Head capital markets & Investment Banking Value labs, Hyderabad 200
72 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Distributed Data Mining Design and Applications in Today's Information Era 28th December 2016 III & IV B.Tech CSE Aruna Govada, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani 160
73 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Career Guidance 6th August 2016 III & IV B.Tech CSE Mr.Vobugari Sreekumar Principal-En R Infosys, Mysore 322
74 Coding Club Inauguration of Technology Coding Club 09-01-2018 Students of GEC Dr.P.Ravindra Babu, Principal 100

To establish coding culture among the students and improve programming skills.

75 Coding Club Technical Quiz 23-01-2018 Students of GEC Ms.S.Vineela Krishna Asst.Professor of CSE 60

Coding Abilities.

76 Coding Club Problems given to students 30-01-2018 Students of GEC Dr. Ch.suresh babu, Associate. Professor of CSE 60

Analytical Skills

77 Coding Club Technical Quiz 06-02-2018 Students of GEC Ms.S.Vineela Krishna Asst.Professor of CSE 60

Improve Technical Skills and Coding Skills.